Jakarta, March 9, 2018, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta (UMJ) hosted a Cooperation Initiation Meeting between 14 Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions (PTM) and Chikyujin Foundation for the Students internship program of Agriculture Faculty in Japan. This meeting was attended by 26 representatives of 14 PTM from all over Indonesia, consisting of Rectors, Deans of the Agriculture Faculty and Heads of International Office (KUI) of each PTM. The Chikyujin Foundation has previously established an internship partnership with the University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatera (UMSU), where UMSU has sent 12 students to Japan for Internship at Yukiguni Maitake Mushroom Company in Niigata, Japan, in the period August 2017 to February 2018.

Chikyujin Foundation itself is an organization aimed to provide a variety of supports to foreign students that are studying in Japan from all countries around the world, they can learn Japanese culture, traditions, technology, hospitality and others. The meeting at UMJ was attended by The Founder of Chikyujin Foundation, Mr. Iwamoto Shinichi  and Managing Director of Chikyujin, Mr. Naofumi Shirotani. In this meeting was introduced Chikyujin Foundation profile and PTM profile and ended with a special cooperation offer made for PTM; they are Internship Program and Japanese Studies.

General Manager of Chikyujin Indonesia, Mrs. Aznina conveyed that for the next period of student internship is estimated in September 2018 which has 8 until 10 Months internship time span. The students will work in Vegeta Corporation and Bingo Corporation in Fukuyama, Japan. Mr. Kazuo Sawachi, as President Director of Chikyujin Indonesia also conveyed his commitment to give priority to Muhammadiyah Universities for the programs offered by Chikyujin Foundation.

Vice Rector 1 of UMJ, Mr. A. Kahar Maranjaya who attended the opening ceremony welcomed the offer of this collaboration. He softly reminded that all initiation of international cooperation should be implemented for the needs of accreditation.

Chairman of the Association of International Relations Office of PTM (ASKUI) who is also the Head of International Relations Office of UMJ, Endang Zakaria conveyed that ASKUI with the support of Council of Higher Education, Research & Development – Central Board of Muhammadiyah, will bridge the implementation of cooperation between several PTM with Chikyujin Foundation-Japan.

“The International Relations Office of PTM  in Indonesia is very solid and work together to complement and strengthen each other in improving the implementation of international cooperation in each PTM”, said Endang Zakaria.    (Ghea)

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