Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Faculty of Social and Law Sciences UMJ was founded in 1961 with its initial was name Faculty of Social Welfare. This Faculty offers 4 Study Programs;

Social Welfare (Bachelor Degree)

As the oldest study program in UMJ, Social Welfare Study Program has future prospect for its graduates as Social and Community Development Expert in local or international Government Institutions and Non-Governmental Organization, Researcher and Lecturer. 

Public Administration (Bachelor Degree)

The Study Program was established in 1985, with its graduation prospect is expected to work in all government institutions and non-governmental organization as Professional Administrator, Regional Autonomy Experts, Business Development Expert, Members of The House of Representative, Researcher, Journalist, and Lecturer. 

Political Science (Bachelor Degree)

Established in 1986, with two concentrations; Political Sciences and International Relations. The graduates are expected to be Professionals in Department of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Embassy, NGO for Human Rights, Politician,  Member of The House of Representative, Researcher and Lecturer. 

Communication Science (Bachelor Degree)

Established in 1989, with two concentrations; Public Relations and Advertising. The graduates are expected to be Public Relations Practitioner and Consultant, Advertising Practitioner and Consultant in Government Institution or Private Company. They are also expected to have a career as Media Planner, Account Executive, Art/Creative Director, Copywriter, Journalist, Researcher and Lecturer.

Master Degree Programs:

  1. Administration Science

  2. Communication Science